How We Work

We pride ourselves on making decisions to finance developments quickly and efficiently, and that’s the way we work throughout the entire customer lifecycle. By talking directly to the decision makers you get what you need, when you need it. .


Our Philosophy

Unlike traditional lenders we focus on debt recoverability over debt serviceability. Meaning if the security provides adequate coverage, we’ll seriously consider offering finance.


what makes us different?

We pride ourselves on the speed of our responses and finance decisions. We understand that during a development you can’t afford to wait for an answer.


Residential & commercial

Whether you are looking to develop residential or commercial we’ll have a finance package that will suit your needs. A mix of both is fine too!



Security & Lending Criteria


Personal Guarantee

We ask for personal guarantees from major shareholders and directors on all of our loans, no exceptions.

Corporate Guarantee

If you’re lucky enough to have another successful business, we may occasionally ask for a cross corporate guarantee.


Just in case something goes wrong, we ensure that we have a fixed and floating charge over the company’s assets.


First Charge

Second is first loser, and that’s exactly how we feel about legal charges. We insist on a first legal charge over developments.

Property Charge

To provide us with a little comfort we also take legal charges over other property owned by the major shareholders & directors.


You’d have to be pretty unlucky for something to go wrong, but to protect both of us, we only finance fully insured developments.




Unlike other lenders we don’t charge hidden fees and we definitely do not hide behind the small print. We’re upfront and transparent, checkout our fees below.




So long as you reach the minimum term we don’t charge any early termination fees.



Interest per month

Our loans start at 0.9% and increase depending on the loan amount and the quality of collateral .



sET UP Fee

We keep things super transparent, and only charge a maximum of 1.5% setup fee - no exit fees here!